The ones that require with the present form and further we need todetect during the relationship or the 'completion of performance in hisfavour;
● those voluntarily provided by you bearing in mind that there is no obligation on the part of your supply;
● not relevant to the relationship will not be recorded nor treated sensitive data or judicial.

1. Data are collected by us with the sole purpose of proper andcomplete execution of our business professional and business to you,including administrative management and accounting of the relationship,in particular with those data will keep the records required by law,both accounting that otherwise.

2. The data are processed by us with both manually, and thepaperwork on which we will be properly maintained and protected for aslong as necessary to treatment, both of our half. computer system, andin this case will be recorded on media protected.

3. Data collected and processed will be: ◊ made available to the holder of Staff, acting as managers or charge;
◊ disclosed to third persons, natural or legal only if allinvolved and functional 'completion of performance richiesteci ortransferred to another owner for processing all' external, that isConsultants Society (as self-holders), for issues may affect them andin the manner prescribed by law;
◊ data will not be distributed and will be destroyed when we have more need to preserve them.

4. We inform you that, as Interested, has all the rights provided by 'art. 7 D. Lgs. No 196/2003, including:
A - Achieve by the Owner and without delay:
◊ confirm whether or not the 'existence of Personal Data Theconcern,' updating, correcting, 'integration of data, erasing, makinganonymous or block of data processed in violation of the law;
◊ certification that the operations mentioned above werebrought to the attention of those to whom the data were disclosed,except when this proves impossible or disproportionate to the protectedright.
B - Opposing in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, theprocessing of their personal data, even if relevant to the purpose ofcollection, in which case, however, there will be possible to'provision of professional services in your favor. All rights referred to 'art. 7 D. Lgs. No 196/2003 are exercisedwith a request addressed without formalities to the owner or Head ofSecurity, also through an agent, which is provided appropriate feedbackwithout delay.

5. Please note that the owner of treatment is thesociety Acqua Chiara S.R.L. , With headquarters in Via Peschiera, 3 to 60020 Sirolo (AN).